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Dear Football Fan,

There used to be restrictions on how you could enjoy football without actually attending the game in question. You could either watch live football on TV, should a terrestrial broadcaster have the rights to a particular game, or more likely you would need to watch live football on satellite.

But now there are other free alternatives...

Nowadays a number of bookmakers have bought the rights to stream various sporting events and are willing to provide these free streaming services as a customer perk (all 100% legal).

Most bookmakers however will require their customers to have a active balance (i.e. some money in their account) but customers are not actually required to do any betting and can withdraw their money at any point (i.e. free). In princple customers can open their accounts with £5 and withdraw £4.99 leaving just 1p in their accounts to keep the streaming service active.

Such bookmakers include:



Betfair offers live streaming on some fixtures, it's free for their customers to watch but you are required to have a positive balance in your account (though you do not need to actually spend it).

1) Visit Betfair via this link

2) Open a new account by clicking the 'join' button

3) Log into your new account

4) Deposit £5+ (£5 is their minimum deposit) to enable the streaming service (you can of course withdraw your balance at a later date, so long as you leave 1p in your account you can still view the streams). Note Betfair currently offers a free bet up to £50 (they match your 1st bet with them).

5) On the homepage, click on the 'sports' tab and then the 'football' sub tab to see the fixtures. The ones with live streaming will have a TV icon next to them.




William Hill offers their WHTV streaming service to their customers all you need is to be logged in and have a positive account balance or have placed a bet in the last 24 hours to watch:

1) Visit the William Hill site (it opens up in a separate window).

2) Open a new account by clicking the 'join now' button in the top right corner.

3) Log into your new account

4) Deposit £5 or more into your account to activate WHTV (you can of course withdraw your balance at a later date).

5) Click on the 'sports' tab and then the 'WHTV live streaming' tab and select the game you want to watch, the following page will initially show the pitch map, just click on the TV icon next to it.


You have to be 18+ to open an account with the bookies

In the case of horse races generally the bookies requires you have a active bet on that specific race on order to view it.

If you opt for the promotional bonus(es) you may have to meet certain wagering requirements before withdrawing your balance.